Also …

Well. Blazing Translations did chapter 174, And I just wanted to say that I’ve compared it with my version. Of course the language is better – how could it be different – but as far as I’ve seen my correctness rate was about ~96% – for any further analyzation I’d need to calculate the concrete percentage.

And furthermore, any mistakes made were just small in amount and seize, and I did get anything important right. So damn proud of myself right now ^-^

edit: WordPress says analyzation – as well as analization – isn’t a word T-T

edit2: soo, I ain’t gonna hide this. According to someone who actually did the calculation instead of just estimating the number as I did, my accuracy rate is rather 91% … well, doesn’t change anything.

19 thoughts on “Also …

  1. Same here i believe same to be sincere when it comes to translations we want quantity more than quality we the ones tht cant and cannot read japanese use google translation and tht causes us an increase of brain dmg and for u the one th gave us the daily bread is something like a saviour XD


  2. Please be independent. Its better to go at your own pace and not wait for anyone or any person before acting or translating. I fully support your work its great. Really, its good. I hope you keep it up. Thank you so much for translating. Hope you feel better soon. Thank you.


  3. 96%, but few times faster than their release.

    I would be happy to trade that 4% for a faster release. I’m already content with how you translate, so keep up the good job.


        1. Actually, translating it on a 85/90% quality with google translate is actually possible, at least if you have a basic understanding of how Japanese writing works and a so-so Japanese verbal language understanding. To be honest, that pre-check 180 I did was entirely in google translate, and it didn’t even need that many corrections. Of course I have some pretty good google-fu skills, but anyone with a little of time can learn it.


          1. well, basically you’re right. But still – those sentences that google doesn’t understand hurt your brain just by looking at them, that’s why most people don’t like to read ahead by using google …


          2. I just don’t translate them by google. As I said, I have shittons of google skills to be able to translate it so well with so little kanji knowledge.

            Gotta study more…

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    1. well, I got it from kiriko, not “from yoroshiku-onegaishimasu” XDD
      よろしくお願いします literally means “nice to meet you” or “Please treat me well” // “I look forward to working with you” ^-^

      But ikr, it’s amazing!


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