Just a little update.

First things first: 50% completed. And I decided not to split it up.
That being said it’ll take me some more time until completion.

Second: my stats went boom after Kiriko mentioned me. Wouldn’t expect no less, but – that escalated quickly. I mean, it really went outta hand fast ….

Kay, gotta stop useless quotations. But really, more than half of my followers joined today, and my visitation quota was multiplied. Literally. Well, I don’t particularly care about those numbers, but they also get scarier as they get bigger. I mean, I never expected ……. sorry. Just me losing my head. Over a few numbers. And I even said I didn’t care ………….

Well, thanks to Kiriko. And: everybody please don’t hate me ^-^

On another note: A whole lot of Anime’s gonna be completed like, right now. And as I watch Anime as a whole after they’re completely done, naturally I’d watch about 100 episodes soon… But I decided not to. ‘Cuz right now this is more fun.

And I found something called Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! and it seems pretty interesting. Reminds me: originally I’m a reader, not a contributor. Is anybody reading it? Is it interesting? A chapter every now and then doesn’t hurt …  other than my YT-subscribtions … never mind.

Peace, out. (<- wanted to say it ‘t’least once in my life ^-^)

53 thoughts on “Just a little update.

  1. 1st. thanks for your hard work~. dont stress too much about the Splitting part seeing you translating it in a steady pace is already worthy of respect in my opinion~
    2nd. I started reading it today too and i find it interesting too and hope to see it translated more in the future to see what is going to happen. though the Story already went told us what is going to happen~

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  2. I think it’s an acheivement to get mentioned by the veteran translators of Konjiki
    Speaking of Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru
    that WN updated last 2-3 months ago
    it’s early chapters we’re good as hell(the protag planning on mowing down the arrogant female magician)
    too bad the updates stopped when the protag decided to stay with Lefille

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      1. well, if I come to read and enjoy it … no. I’m not saying this now. Reading two at once – okay. But translating … @.@ hell no.

        But maybe if my work is done here – as in: i don’t need to read ahead anymore ‘cuz RL-problems got solved – maybe I’m gonna move on then …


      2. woah, where did you find this ?
        thought isekaimahou.wordpress.com is the updated site for that
        didn’t know this site existed
        thank you =D


  3. Your pace is currently the fastest pace for wordmaster translations so if anything that’s a great thing. As for sekai Mahou ha Okureteru I’m about to pick it up since you mentioned it and let you know what u I think. I picked up Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai earlier since it had the whole hero traveling the world but I’m getting lost at random character switching and in all it’s far below wordmaster (current chapter 61). He’s a open pervert though which I like since it’s not the norm but other than that he doesn’t come across as… Interesting. Still indeed shield hero until dropping it at around Chapter 270 I can read a few more before I make my opinion.


  4. I Really liked isekai mahou, i much like the hidden evil behind the shadows op MC idea. Problem is, TLs are too slow. i was sad when i ran out of chapters to read when i hit 24 and the TL-er stopped TL-ing.i Really want more of everything, currently i ran out of stuff to read so im reading Kuro No Maou. KNW is one of my favotires, OP MC is awesome, its a good change from MCs getting beaten up all over the place : Tate no Yuusha, Mushoku Tensei, Kuro no Maou, being examples.

    Other WNs i like if you’re ever out of stuff to read like i am…
    Mushoku Tensei
    Tate no Yuusha
    (i ran out of TLs to read for below series)
    Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
    Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken
    Forsaken Hero
    Isekai Mahou
    Death March

    Most are in the same idea of Other world / reincarnation / world traveller – except Legendary Moonlight Sculptor which is actually Virtual Reality.
    im sad, i cant read japanese and im gobbling up TLs of awesome series in under a week…

    Konjiki no wordmaster is still one of my favorites though, along with Death March.


      1. I recommend kumo desu ga? Nani ka because its hella fun with the main (female) protagonist reincarnated as a spider. Its something like Tensei Slime but with a different unique settings (from weak to strong)


    1. Finished reading all there was of isekai no mahou and as far as it goes it shows the main character is hiding his powers of o a great extent but the chapters stop just as he’s about to stop hiding his strength. The story looks like it could be quite dark since the main protagonist was used since he walked out on them like hirro, expecting alot of betrayal. It’s defiantly very interesting but there’s just not enough chapters to say if I like it.


      1. well, I’ve read the first three for now, and if I come to like it – and it does seem interesting as of now – maybe I’m gonna do a chapter every month or whatever beside my work on KnW … dunno. But you should check on the other comments on this post, someone posted a link about a recent update of the series.


  5. Yo, so Thanks for all your translations of KnW. I was just wondering if I can help(if you require it) in editing as I don’t know how to read jap. Haha


    1. someone already asked me once if he could edit my stuff, nd then I never heard of him again o.O
      Well, but I guess it will be different with you ^-^

      So, here’s what we’re gonna do: As soon as I’m home in the afternoon, I’ll send you an invitation to the mail adress you used to make ths comment. You accept it, and you’ll have to create an WordPress account, and then you’ll be able to do some editing ^-^

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      1. Since you said, I’ll be needing one. I’ve gone ahead and created one. Haha I just want to know where you live, since it’ll be a pain if we don’t know each other’s Timezone. Oh, by the way I live in the Philippines


          1. Ok. I probably won’t be able to edit chap 181 instantly as I’m busy with my church duty today, but I’ll work on it as soon as we are done. I’m really sorry about this. T_T


  6. Keep up the good work,I’m a silent reader of konjiki wordmaster,and I really appreciate your hardwork cause I like to read ahead,really look forward to chapter 181.

    Thank you,and don’t stress yourself.Health is important:-D


  7. Isekai Mahou is interesting. I came to know it thanks to PROzess teasers, it got then picked up by ELYSION, then Isekai Mahou Translations, but after that one went several months MIA, a reader started their own translation site for it at https://soratranslationsblog.wordpress.com/ but the chapter has yet to see the light of day in its definitive form. You can always go for a collab or ask if you could pick it up instead.


    1. Thanks, but after posting this i got a whole lot already … I’m afraid I’m gonna either starve to death out of unfulfilled interest or my translation rate is gonna be dropped for a few days as I read through all of them. Well, I’m fast at reading – first 160 chapters of KnW in less than one day – but still … and I’m already slowly as heck as 181 is damn large. And complicated at times…


  8. just a warning, im very tired and may come off as more of an ass than i want to…

    sup, i found you a bit ago due to a mention on one of the wordmaster pages…
    personally, i dont care how good or bad your chapters are so long as what happens can be followed, i think a majority of the people who came here feel the same way. it seems that everything i like either gets translated slow as hell or gets dropped just as its getting good so i’m learning japanese, or at least making another attempt.

    dont let the numbers scare you, and i hope you stick around till i learn to read on my own. wow that was more rambly than i thought it would be.


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