It’s done!

Finally, that is. Sorry, guys’n’gals ^_^

Well, have a nice Halloween, minna. I missed the party in order to finish that translation, so at least go and party on my behalf!

Well, I said it at the translated chapter already, but Anon-senpai said he’ll do the follow-ups. I’m not translation-checking them this time — too lazy, and I trust him now. Last time went smoothly, after all. Also, time is an issue. Well, maybe some editing … If I get his permission, I’ll host them here.

And now I’ll get some paint onto my face to scare those minors my imouto-chan invited XDD

11 thoughts on “It’s done!

  1. Starting right now, I’ll try to do it at least up to 187 in the next 3 days, you can do whatever you want with them afterwards.

    Guess I might as well post them as replies in this comment…


      1. Not so much after doing 20% of 185, this damn thing makes my blood boil, It’ll probably take at least 10 hours if it keeps on with that amount of fancy speech (THAT’S NOT BEING POLITE ANYMORE, HE’S JUST INCREASING THE DAMN WORD COUNT ;-;).

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        1. Haha … well, I admit, I completely stripped his speech of the politeness. I don’t know how to express it politely … but well, I’m not that far off the mar with my trans, I guess. And from skimming 185 — it’s way harder there. TL;DR XD


          1. Thanks ^_^
            And I kinda can understand that … those 30% would have left me so damn unmotivated, it would have taken another week. Lol~

            Btw I’ll send you an invitation. You don’t have to do anything, it’s just that I want to be able to set you as author … it kinda bugs me if I can only chose myself as author even though I didn’t do it ^-^


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