I guess it’s time for my break to end.


Well, the last round of the 2 vs 2 was finished — and not while I was idling around, but while I was sitting in my physic lessons.

Welp, so with some delay due to time lag — you should be used to that by now, and it’s not like it was that long — here you are.

Speaking of me idling around. I actually stayed up all night again — almost a habit at the night from sunday to monday — and tomorrow’s gonna be a hard day, so I kinda regre– nope. Not within my vocabulary.

Anyways, I’m gonna try to uphold the pace. Try. And well, daily isn’t exactly what I mean by that — you already had enough of daily at this weekend.

I just hope I can restrain myself from reading the 8th volume of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei in those spare hours I got tomorrow … an iron will is half the win. Or something along those lines. However the saying goes. I couldn’t even say it right — if not by chance — if I used my mother tongue.

Setting aside my socially awkward lack in idioms, I’m gonna sleep for some hours now.

Have fun~

15 thoughts on “I guess it’s time for my break to end.

          1. yeah, but Manga translation … is on a completely different level than LN translation. I’d have to know all the kanji used in the manga – rather specific ones, I’d guess – in and out, and I’d have to know how to look them up manually in a real dictionary rather than in a database in cases were I wouldn’t know them. Far beyond my reach as of now ^-^


  1. Welcome back to translating, we appreciate it! You too Anon! 🙂

    ….so he stays up to avoid me? Well played. Little does he realize I can reach him at all times. He will not escape me, he will not escape rehabilitation. No one does…..

    ….”try to keep up the pace” he says? There is no try, not anymore. When I am done. He will be the fastest translator in existence. The preparations are already coming into place….


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